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    [Opportunities and Choices] 

    Goethe has a saying that "those who are good at capturing opportunities are excellent", the founder of KAIDE was acutely aware of the contradiction between the massive export demand and monopoly of customs declaration in China back in time of early 2000. He seized the opportunity to establish KAIDE after the deep analysis of prospect of the future market.

    [Challenge and Breakthrough]

    After more than ten years of excellent performance, we are all ambitious and passionate to carry on while facing the challenges that the covid-19 pandemic presents. From the very beginning of the pandemic, KAIDE is working hard on the front line by exporting medical devices including personal protective equipment for customers all over the world. We successfully align our corporate social responsibility with the business development. KAIDE has always been in pursuit of maximizing the customers’ benefit through optimizing international logistic concept. In the future, KAIDE will continue to offer professional and sincere services to customers around the world, become the most reliable partner for more customers.

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